Spring might seem like the best time to plant a garden, but in Arizona where the winters are mild, a fall garden is a great option.

Planting in fall has its benefits. The soil is still warm, and roots continue to grow until it gets cooler. There are plenty of sunny and temperate days, which are perfect for spending an afternoon in your garden! You can also worry less about pests harming your harvest, because many bugs fade away as the weather cools.

Start a colorful fall garden by planting broccoli, beets, celery, arugula, kale, Swiss chard, carrots, and green leafy lettuce. If you’re doubting your green thumb, try starting out with garlic. It grows quickly with little maintenance required, making it a great option for gardeners of all skill levels.

Looking for a smaller project? Spice up your seasonal dishes with an herb garden. When the weather gets colder in later months, consider moving your leafy herbs inside to protect them from frosty air. Herbs like mint, parsley, basil, sage and dill thrive in small pots or planters.

October is one of the best months to plant new citrus trees. Choose smaller trees to avoid transplant shock problems. You can visit www.azcitrus.com to learn more on how to choose, plant, water, and take care of your trees.

Your garden plants can always benefit from some fertilizer, and you can make your gardening sustainable by using compost to fertilize your plants. Since it’s made of natural materials, it won’t hurt your plants like some chemical fertilizers might. Check out this blog to learn more about what you can compost and how to get your bin started.

Ready to grow? Get your gardening gloves on and get planting!