All year round, Arizona farmers markets are filled with delicious, locally-grown produce. Since our diverse climate has such great growing potential, this is the perfect place to take advantage of the benefits of shopping and eating with seasonal foods in mind. Eating with the seasons is a wonderful way to explore your local food culture, get the freshest produce possible, and also support your local farmers.


Freshly picked produce often has the most optimal flavor and ripeness. Shopping for in-season fruits and veggies helps fill your plate with the most delicious options your area has to offer at the time you’re eating them. In-season produce is typically harvested right before heading to the market, and often travels less than other items to go from the farm to your fork. Next time you visit your favorite market, ask the growers at each stand which produce is in-season. They will be happy to point you toward their freshest harvest, and will probably have a recipe or two for you to try out! With such diverse growing potential, there is no lack of in-season produce across Arizona throughout the year.


Eating with the seasons is a great way to save money while stocking up on delicious produce. Growers usually have an abundance of in-season items, which helps drive down prices. The food that is in-season is typically cheaper for the farmer to produce, travels shorter distances, and requires minimal storage resources, so growers are able to offer it at an affordable price. These factors make seasonal eating a money-savvy practice!


Supporting the local economy benefits everyone, and when you spend money at a local business, more of it stays in your community. Shopping locally and seasonally keeps our local farms and farmers markets flourishing! Buying from your local farmers is also a personal experience that can be educational. The farmers can tell you how and where the food was grown, and some even offer tastes and recipe ideas so you can better pick produce for your palette. Stop by a farmers market near you and talk to a farmer about their fresh, local, in-season produce.

Eating seasonally is fun and affordable. Check out our in-season guide for fall and Double Up on fresh produce at a market near you today. We always have the latest seasonal guides ready for you, so make sure to check back for our winter in-season guide coming soon!