Double Up Food Bucks Arizona is proud to celebrate Earth Day! We only get one Earth, and it’s everyone’s job to keep it happy and healthy. When you use Double Up Food Bucks at participating markets, you are nourishing the planet and helping to make every day Earth Day in our beautiful state.

Buying locally grown produce has immense benefits for the environment. Because the food is produced locally, it does not travel far. Shorter travel times reduce fuel emissions – that means your food is not only fresher when it reaches you, but also has a smaller carbon footprint. In many cases, locally-grown produce is not packaged, which cuts down on plastic and other material waste. There is also a reduction in habitat loss and pollution when you choose locally-grown products.

Not only does buying locally help the environment, but it also helps those who live within in it. It creates jobs, which allows communities to continue to cultivate a healthy environment and food system. It also keeps money in the local economy.

When you bring your kids to the farmers market, it’s a great opportunity to teach them about caring for the Earth and the environment. Encourage them speak to farmers and ask questions about how the produce was grown. Teach them about the importance of reducing waste through the use of reusable bags. Teaching your children these skills will instill sustainable and thoughtful habits that can last a lifetime.

Come celebrate Earth Day with us at a Double Up market near you! The Sierra Vista Farmer’s Market is hosting their annual Earth Day Event on April 19. On April 21, Phoenix Public Market Open Air Market is celebrating Earth Day with a morning full of festivities. Visit your favorite market’s website to find out what they are doing to celebrate this special day.

This Earth Day, take a moment to appreciate the environment around you. With everyone’s help, we can maintain a clean and healthy Earth for decades to come. We hope you have a happy Earth Day!