Every Saturday, the Old Town Farmers Market in Scottsdale is packed with local farmers, fresh food, familiar faces, and Double Up Food Bucks stories. We stopped by the market to learn more, and of course, double up on some delicious produce!

The farmers and the market managers said they appreciate Double Up Food Bucks for expanding their market potential and bringing in more customers. The Old Town Farmers Market is a great place to take full advantage of the diverse produce our state has to offer. One thing the farmers said they were especially proud of was sharing new and unique produce, and helping people achieve a more balanced diet.

The Old Town Farmers Market only hosts vendors who are strictly food-related, so Double Up customers can get everything they need in one place.

“I love that the customers can grab their meat, dairy, and bread, and then get their tokens to spend on the great selections of fresh produce, allowing them to have a well-balanced diet,” market manager Laura Oxley said. “It also helps growers with what they are able to have available because they can get more fresh produce into the market and they know they are going to sell it thanks to Double Up customers.”

Laura said one of her favorite stories from the market was helping a mother teach her son about the program and seeing how excited he was to be able to get access to such quality products. At Old Town Farmers Market, your Double Up Food Bucks can go a long way and all the farmers are helpful and friendly.

Freddy Munoz from Da’ Nede’ Farms, a small individually-operated farm in Camp Verde, has a wonderful selection of fresh cut microgreens. He participates in the Payson, Cornville and other markets as well. His stand is unique because he cuts the greens to order, which helps them last a lot longer.

“Double Up has been great because I love helping people eat healthier and try new things.” Freddy said. “Double Up customers truly appreciate the effort I put in to providing fresh, long lasting produce. My favorite thing to do is to let customers sample my greens and open up people's taste buds to new flavors.”

Something he recommends is replacing your romaine lettuce with sunflower sprouts because it can add more nutrients to your meal. If you stop by the Da’ Nede’ Farms stand with your Double Up tokens, look forward to a tasting adventure with Freddy — and you’ll probably leave with something you’ve never tried before!

Abby Lee Farms specializes in indoor growing, and that shows in their amazing tomato selection. Grower Clint Culberson is confident Abby Lee Farms has the best tomatoes, and that they “are pretty on the outside, and even prettier on the inside.”

“Double Up helps bring fairly priced food to all demographics, which helps the market prices,” Clint said. “When more people buy the products, that equals a lower price for everyone.”

Clint explained that Double Up customers have access to a diverse variety of fruits and vegetables at the stand, and that they love providing easy access to fresh, local food.

One of the largest vendors at Old Town Farmers Market is McClendon Farms. Since Mclendon Farms is truly a family operation, Bob McClendon knows how important it is to fuel your family with quality produce. His wife runs their Peoria farm, his son runs farm operations, his daughter-in-law is their marketing manager, and you can find his grandson Aiden with him at the Saturday markets.

“Double Up has become a great part of my time at the market,” Bob said. “It's wonderful that we can offer organic produce to everyone. Our produce is stored on a refrigerated truck and replenished when needed, and this gives Double Up customers the best access to fresh food that will be worth their tokens.”

Using your Double Up Food Bucks at McClendon’s will give you access to over 150 different types of fruits and vegetables.

The vendors and employees of Old Town Farmers Market will contest that is one of the best markets in Arizona. The Scottsdale Old Town market closes this month (May) due to the summer heat, but you can find many of the vendors at other locations throughout the summer. This market will open back up in October for the next season, and until then, you can keep Doubling Up at all of our other participating markets across the state!