It's the perfect time of year for some of our favorite foods here in Arizona. Fresh fruits and vegetables are blooming as we speak! With so many great options for fresh food, cooking from scratch can be easier than ever.

There are various benefits of eating homemade items – from-scratch recipes will leave your wallet smiling and your palette singing. Common pantry items, food staples, and desserts can all be easily made from the comfort of your kitchen. Check out our seasonal guide to learn about some of the amazing options your farmers market could be offering to use in your from-scratch recipes!


Making homemade items can seem intimidating, but adding these options to the weekly routine will spice up your meal times and help you save money. From-scratch meals are a great way to save, as they simplify your grocery list. If you tend to eat more processed and prepared foods, start slowly replacing these items with from-scratch substitutes. Planning your meals will save you time, and also ensure you are getting the most out of your food dollar. Making meals from scratch helps you control portion sizes, allowing you to purchase only what you need (and also cut down on food waste). Some popular homemade meals that can be easily added into your routine are soups, pastas, salads and sandwiches. If you want to go further into your homemade adventure try breads, tortillas, dressings, sauces and salsas.


Everyone has a different palette, and from-scratch meals are a great way to satisfy the whole family. When making meals at home, rather than purchasing processed or pre-made options, you can add or take out whatever you please. That picky eater in the home can now enjoy the same meal without much hassle. Personalizing homemade meals is a snap – recipes can be easily modified for vegetarians by making meat an optional add-on, for example. Allergies can be difficult to manage with prepared or processed foods, so choosing homemade can also help you control exactly what is going into your food.


Cooking from scratch can help you add more fresh fruits and vegetables to the grocery list and your plate. From salads to sauces, vegetables play an important role in homemade dining. Buying ingredients that are fresh will also help eliminate the use of processed foods that can contain preservatives, allergens, or other unwanted additions.

Here is a recipe that will please the whole family, save you money, and add some extra veggies to the table. You can add meat, poultry or double the vegetables for more options! 


Creating healthy eating habits starts at home. Get the whole family involved, and start your homemade adventure! Making from-scratch meals will Double Up your reputation in the kitchen, so head over to your local farmers market and Double Up on some produce to get started today!