Sometimes it can be hard to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your meals. There are easy ways to switch things up to make your plate more colorful, fresh, and nutritious. With all of the amazing produce options you can take advantage of with your Double Up Food Bucks, these substitutions can become part of your daily routine.

From breakfast to dessert, there is always more room on the table for fruits and vegetables.


Smoothies are a great substitute or addition to any breakfast. Here are a few great recipes to get you started. Check them out for inspiration, then blend your way to a fresher, healthier start to the day!


Snacking is often a time when we consume foods high in fat, oil, and salt. It’s easy to grab a bag of chips, some candy, or other junk food, but it can also be just as easy to substitute those options with fresh fruits and vegetables. Preparing snacks for the week will help make this swap a breeze. Use carrots, cucumbers, and bell peppers for an easy and tasty grab-bag. These veggies can satisfy your crunchy snack cravings like chips and crackers. Adding guacamole, ranch, and hummus can boost the flavor and make it extra yummy. Fruits can be portioned as well! Replace that candy bowl with a fruit bowl at your desk, on the dining table, or in the living room. This will provide easy access and satisfy your sweet tooth.


Add your veggie snack bags to your lunch instead of chips for a midday crunch. For an extra boost, you can substitute lettuce wraps for bread or tortillas. Instead of a sandwich or microwave meal, a hearty salad packed with colorful veggies and fruits can be a great alternative to traditional lunch time options.  


Dinner is one of the easiest meals for healthy substitutions. Swapping out noodles and rice with vegetables is a wonderful way to get that extra boost into your mealtimes. Use substitutes like spaghetti squash, cauliflower rice, or corn. Another way to enhance your dinner time with fresh produce is to replace meat with roasted vegetables. If you don’t want to replace all of the meat, just try increasing the amount of veggies you would normally use. Check out our Week of Dinners blog for delicious recipes with and without meat.


Dessert is often our favorite meal -- a small reward at the end of a tiring day, a well-earned prize for all your accomplishments. Why not make a dessert that satisfies your sweet tooth and gives you an extra dose of produce? Try swapping ice cream for a bowl of frozen yogurt topped with your favorite fruits, like berries, peaches, or a local citrus.


With all of the amazing options at our Arizona farmers markets, it won’t be hard to incorporate these tips into your daily routine. Double up on in-season produce at a participating market and start swapping your way to delicious, healthier meals!