To celebrate National Farmers Market Week, we’re looking back at some of our favorite Double Up Food Bucks stories! The videos below highlight just a few of our favorite moments we’ve had at Arizona farmers markets.

Local farmers and farmers markets uplift our communities socially, culturally, and economically. With their help, we can lead happier and healthier lives. Hear more about why the vitality of healthy communities depends on our food growers.

Farmers markets also make a huge difference for individual consumers, especially those who use Double Up Food Bucks. Michelle Tenney, a Double Up Customer, shared her opinion on why local farmers are important and how they impact her life.

When you shop at a farmers market, you get to interact directly with farmers and learn from them. Farmer Aaron Cordona explained why he loves being a farmer and helping customers.

We took a trip the Roadrunner Park Farmers market to speak with On the Vine Farms! Farmers markets are not just a learning experience for shoppers, but for farmers too. Guy Gillespie of On the Vine Farms shared how farmers markets help him learn about other cultures and form bonds with new people.

We cannot thank our farmers and farmers markets enough for all they do. They increase our access to fresh, nutritious produce, and help our neighborhoods and cities grow and flourish. Communities work better when everyone gets the food they need. During Farmers Market Week, don’t forget to thank your local farmers and markets!

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