Finding recipes for one or two people can sometimes be a challenge. Double Up knows that food waste is an important factor in stretching your food dollars, and we want to help smaller households avoid this the best they can. It’s easier to eat well and cut down on food waste if you have a plan! Take a look at some of these tips and ideas for planning meals for one to two people.

Planning for the week

Getting a head start before shopping has many benefits, especially in smaller households. This can help you eat healthier and make sure you’re getting enough variety in your diet as well as avoiding excess leftovers. When starting off, keep the planning simple and pick a few ingredients that can be transformed into multiple meals. Get more resources for meal planning here.

Example: Chicken with roasted vegetables and rice can be turned into tacos or burritos later in the week.


When buying produce or other items, you don’t always have to buy the whole bunch. If the item is offered by the pound, you can take a smaller portion so you don’t end up throwing any away. Farmers at your local market also won’t mind separating bunches so you get just the amount you need. Some items are hard to find in small portions or are more expensive, so if you find items in bulk that are cheap, learn how to freeze them with tips from this blog.

Example: If asparagus is one dollar per pound and the bunch seems like it would be too much, take some off and leave it at the market or store.


Recipes are often written for larger households, and scaling them down can be tricky. Use online resources, specific cookbooks, or food-savvy friends to find recipes for 1-2 people so that you can get the right flavor and avoid complicated math and measurements. Cooking for fewer people also gives you more room to be creative. With fewer palettes and competing opinions, you can personalize any recipe so it fits your cravings perfectly. Get excited about the items you choose to boost your motivation for cooking!

Example: If you love a certain type of produce, buy it and store it where you can see it. This will remind you to use the produce, and also allow you to be more motivated to get creative with your daily meal choices.

Double Up Food Bucks wants to make sure households of all sizes have the right tools to create a happy and healthy lifestyle that is affordable and easy. Make sure to check back for more tips and resources!