Double Up Food Bucks Arizona is proud to celebrate Earth Day! We only have one planet to call home, and it’s everyone’s job to keep it happy and healthy. When you use Double Up Food Bucks at participating markets, you are nourishing the planet and helping to make every day Earth Day in our beautiful state. Here are a few ways you can celebrate with us:


Buying locally grown produce has tons of benefits for the environment. Because the food is produced close to where it’s being sold, it does not travel far. Shorter travel times reduce fuel emissions – that means your food is not only fresher when it reaches you, but also has a smaller carbon footprint. In many cases, locally-grown produce is not packaged, which cuts down on plastic and other material waste.

Earth Day Tip: You can save time and be more environmentally-friendly by cooking large pots of soup, then freezing your leftovers. Not only will this save you cooking time, it will also reduce your energy consumption and cut down on food waste.


There are plenty of foods that can be put to use through composting instead of ending up in the trash or garbage disposal. These include fruits, vegetables, egg shells, coffee grounds, and more. Check out this blog to learn more about composting, and keep an eye out for composting resources or workshops at your favorite farmers market. 

Earth Day Tip: Live in a small space? There are still many options to turn your food waste into a usable product. Click here to learn more about composting in small apartments or homes.


You can save money, energy, and travel time by planting your very own garden. Eating fresh food that you’ve grown gives you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Did you know you can use your Double Up Food Bucks to purchase seeds and starter plants? If you’re new to growing, start with a few plants like tomatoes and peppers. Stop by your local market, find the plants you’d like to grow, and use your Double Up Food Bucks to purchase them and get growing! Watch this video for tips and tricks to start your garden.

Earth Day Tip: Be sure ask the vendors at your market what their favorite tips are for growing the plants you’ve selected or your garden, and what recipe ideas they have for you to try after harvesting!


The Sierra Vista Farmers Market is hosting their annual Earth Day Event on April 25. Heirloom Farmers Markets are hosting their Earth Day celebration all month long, and you can learn more about their various activities here. On April 20, Phoenix Public Market Open Air Market is celebrating Earth Day with a composting workshop, fresh samples, gardening activities, and more.

Visit your favorite market’s website to find out what they are doing, and come celebrate Earth Day with us at a Double Up location near you!