When juggling a busy schedule from morning to evening, it can sometimes be difficult to squeeze in time for fresh and filling meals. Preparing and planning meals is always a great way to ensure you are getting nourishment throughout the week, and there are also easy and quick tricks to save you time and stress. Here are a few ways to enjoy delicious and nutritious meals when you’re crunched for time:

Morning routines sometimes leave little room for a full breakfast. Whether you’re preparing food for a whole family or just yourself, waking up and making sure you have time to prepare a satisfying and nutritious meal can be hard. Taking a few minutes before bedtime to prepare your breakfast will save you time in the morning. Overnight oats are a great option for a full breakfast, and can be easily prepared before bed. Use any oat or oatmeal mix, then add yogurt, milk, and fruit into a container. Cover and let sit overnight, then enjoy cold in the morning, and adjust your servings based on household size. Check out a more in-depth recipe here!

Lunch is a perfect time to take a quick break during your busy day to recharge your mind and refuel your body. Instead of rushing to the nearest food service restaurant, a healthy and quick sandwich or wrap can make lunchtime enjoyable even with limited time. With tortillas or bread on hand, lunch is just minutes away and easy to take on-the-go. Double Up always encourages eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, so try a veggie wrap for a fast and delicious lunch. You can prep your favorite veggies and add-ins like beans or hummus at the beginning of the week to make the process even faster. Check out this recipe for a hummus and veggie wrap for inspiration.

At the end of a long day, spending time on dinner can seem daunting. At the beginning of the week or during the weekend, try to prepare some grilled chicken and vegetables to incorporate into dinners throughout the week. Boiling chicken and vegetables and storing them in separate containers can be helpful when you need a home-cooked meal in a pinch. Throw it into pasta, salads, Asian dishes and more. A colorful salad is one of our favorite fast and fresh options for dinner time. Take out your fresh produce, chop it up, add some prepared chicken to it, and top it off with your favorite dressing. Try this Asian chicken salad recipe to spice up your speedy meal time!

With a little planning and some thoughtful tricks, you can enjoy delicious meals that fit your busy schedule. Read this blog for more information on planning meals ahead of time. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks, and visit our website for more helpful mealtime resources!