Stretching your food budget from month to month can be a challenge. Double Up Food Bucks is here to provide you with some tips and tricks on how to make your SNAP/EBT last longer, and how get more out of the money you’re spending. Time, budget and more can affect how long monthly SNAP/EBT benefits can last. On average, people get about $125 dollars per month in SNAP/EBT, and sometimes this amount can be as little as $15 dollars or less. With such a wide range of budgets, these tips can be adjusted accordingly. Take a look and see what works best for you!


Knowing what you are going to buy before you go shopping can help save money. Planning meals will help you stick to your listThis will also help you avoid some of those impulse buys that can have an impact on monthly food budgets. Knowing which meals you are having throughout the week will also help cut down on food waste and make sure everything you buy has a purpose. Consider planning meals that use budget-friendly items that go a long way, like beans, oats, fresh or frozen vegetables, and brown rice. Look at our week of dinners blog to get some ideas on where to start and how easy it can be.


Prices can vary depending on where you choose to shop. Weekly sales and promotions happen at different times during the week depending on the store. Many stores list their sales on their website, and if a website is hard to access, most grocery stores and markets have papers that outline weekly deals. When it comes to produce, farmers markets can also be an affordable option. In-season produce is often more affordable because it takes the farmers fewer resources to produce and transport the products. Learn how in-season produce can benefit you hereDouble Up Food Bucks locations will also help stretch your monthly food budget.


Getting the most out of your food is also a great way to make your monthly budget last longer. There is a lot of great produce available year-round, and learning how to freeze it properly can make the shelf life longer so you can use it throughout the month. Mastering the freezer can also make mealtimes more convenient, and can be useful when time is an issue. Some products when frozen can even last through multiple seasons. Buying on-sale items that can be frozen is a great way to take advantage of this tip and also save extra money. Learn more facts and tips on freezing your food in this blog.

Monthly food budgets can be daunting, but we are here to help you stretch your food dollars so there is less stress on you and your wallet. Stay tuned to Double Up for more tips and tricks!