Birthday updates, plus tattoo contest winner

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Recap: 3rd Birthday Celebration

You might remember that back in August, we offered an UNLIMITED Double Up Food Bucks promotion at 21 Double Up sites to celebrate our program’s 3rd birthday. Typically when customers spend $20 of their SNAP/EBT benefits at participating locations, they are matched with an extra $20 of Double Up tokens/currency per day, taking home more fresh fruits and vegetables, dried beans without added ingredients, and food-producing plants and seeds.

The numbers are in! We are thrilled to report that, compared to the prior month, we saw an additional $4,000 in SNAP spending and additional $2700 in Double Up spending in the month of August alone - wow! We expect to see ripple effects of this promotion into the fall and winter as customers return to spend their remaining tokens. Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word.

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Congratulations to Community Food Bank's Santa Cruz River Farmers Market for winning the #HBDdoubleupAZ photo contest. SCRFM was the stand-out winner of the contest, with a whopping 18 entries! Special thanks to Abigail Plano for getting so many customers, vendors, and supporters involved with the celebration. They requested a token-counting kit as a prize! #justforfun #winning

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