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Double Up Food Bucks is available at various locations including grocery and corner stores, CSAs, food pantries and more.

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At participating grocery and corner stores:

  1. BRING your SNAP Quest/EBT (formerly food stamps) card to a participating Double Up grocery store. Let the staff member know you’d like to Double Up today.

  2. BUY fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and dried beans without added ingredients with your SNAP dollars. There is no daily limit on SNAP purchases.

  3. GET FREE fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, dried beans without added ingredients, and plants that produce food. For every $1 you spend on fresh fruits and vegetables using your SNAP card, you’ll receive $1 in Double Up Food Bucks, up to $20 per day

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csa (community supported agriculture)

Community Supported Agriculture is a direct connection between a local farmer and their customers. By joining a CSA, you commit to supporting a local farmer for a season. In return, you receive a weekly bag or box of fresh, seasonal produce— and share in the risks and the benefits of farming.

  1. BRING your SNAP Quest/EBT card to a participating Double Up CSA site. Look for CSA staff. If possible, check the site's website and contact the farmer ahead of time to place your order.

  2. SWIPE your EBT card with the farmer to pay for your CSA share. You can buy up to TWO weeks’ worth of fresh produce at a time.

  3. GET up to TWO weeks of fresh produce for free the next time you shop. For example, when you use SNAP/EBT to pay for the first two shares of the month (weeks 1 and 2), you’ll take home FREE produce during weeks 3 and 4 with Double Up Food Bucks.


farm express Mobile Market

  • Find a Farm Express stop near you. BRING your SNAP/EBT card.

  • Grab a basket and BUY SNAP-eligible foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and herbs. There is no daily limit on SNAP purchases.

  • GET FREE fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs, up to $20 per day.

Please email info@pinnacleprevention.org to let us know that you want Double Up in your area. Let us know which store or market would be a good fit, and why. As we expand the program, we will consider customer suggestions and add new locations to our wait list. We want all Arizonans to have access to Double Up.